”Strings Magazine” [August 2011]

“Tuck your precious violin into its case with a Waldbrook Violin Blanket. Crafted in Maine by the mother of a professional violinist, these lovely blankets are made from cotton or embroidered velvet with a choice of silk or cotton lining. Many violinists swear that a silk blanket will protect the instrument from the potentially damaging effects of temperature and humidity changes. They are available in three sizes to fit your style of case: oblong, Bobelock Half Moon cases, and shaped cases. A fancy, ruffled blanket, appropriately called the Ruffler, is also available in the oblong shape.”

Joanna Bruckno, Mother of Violinist
Coopersburg, PA

”Dear Jo Ann,
I received the amazingly beautiful blanket for my daughter’s Bam High Tech Contoured case and it is STUNNING! I can’t wait to surprise her with it after her next performance event! I love the little cut out in the blanket, making the lovely silk cover an integral part of the case. Superb!!!”

Penny Pullan, Violinist
Loughborough ,U.K.

”Your lovely blanket on my violin… Jo Ann, Isn’t it perfect? Thank you!

Catherine Canham, Violinist
Portsmouth, UK

“I’ve just received the original violin blanket today! The blanket is totally exquisite. I have never seen such a beautiful piece of textile work. My violin is of very humble quality as I couldn’t afford to buy a ‘quality’ one which run into several hundreds of £. Your blanket makes my violin look a million $ !! I am totally thrilled. In fact it makes my heart sing every time I open my case and the first thing I see is the stunning blanket (I wish my violin playing would do the same! but that will come with practice hopefully!).

Paul-Anthony Magadia
South Ridge, VA

Jo Ann,
The blanket looks beautiful! Thanks so much for making the blanket. I am sure that Chee-Yun will love the blanket too! Regards”

DJ Woods, Violinist
Oklahoma City, OK

”You are the best! I received the blanket today & it is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow & put it in my case. Thanks again & rest assured you’ve got yourself a repeat customer!”

Kurihara-Dixon, Violinist,
Saitama, Japan

“Hello, the violin blanket arrived yesterday. It’s so beautiful! I had been using my old one since I was 13, so I’m really happy to have such a wonderful blanket. Thank you very much! All the best,”

Christian Anderson, Violist,
Charlottesville, Virginia

“I was completely surprised this last Christmas when my boyfriend surprised me with this lovely gift. I have played viola for the past nine or so years and within an orchestra in the Northern Virginia area. Could not wait to show off the beautiful, intricate craftsmanship of the blanket to the rest of my section, they were quite jealous. It was nice to have a custom fit, sturdy, blanket for my rather large instrument, thank you so much!”

Christopher Vitas, Violinist
San Diego , CA

Hi Jo Ann, I just got it – it’s gorgeous, and even my wife thinks so! It’s a nice contrast to the purple interior of the Viper case. Thank you soooo much, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Geoffrey Day, Violinist
Naples, Florida

Dear Jo Ann:

I received the blankets today – they are wonderful! I think the double violin one is spectacular. I did not really look at the other because I am putting it under the Christmas tree as a present to myself.