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Waldbrook Blog

Heavy Tango

Heavy Tango Wanted to share this great selection from violinist Christian Howe’s new CD”Southern Exposure” with special guest Richard Galliano. Two fantastic musicians have teamed up for one incredible work of art. “Heavy Tango “written by Richard Galliano is a tune is definitely influence by the late and great Astor Piazzolla. The Lyricism  of this… View more

New Silks

*** New Silks ***  It has been so exciting having my daughter Morwenna home for the summer! Once again my home is filled with beautiful music, love, laughter, and fine Italian and Thai cuisine reflecting summer’s bounty from our vegetable garden. I couldn’t wait to show her the brand new silks that I had just… View more


BUSY AS A BEE After the long winter here in Maine, it has been very difficult for me to tear myself away from the outdoors. I Have been busy with the bees, the flower gardens and planting herbs and many delicious vegetables. It is almost time to harvest the garlic, and sit back and just… View more

The Peacock

The Peacock I had received a request from a customer for a violin blanket made from peacock feather print fabric. I thought that this was such a great idea! What could be more glamorous than a blanket made from the shimmering iridescence of a peacock to adorn one’s instrument.  I searched many places until I… View more

Renaud García-Fons

Renaud García-Fons  I received an incredible CD as a gift from my daughter, Lavinia ,The Marcevolo Solo Concert by Renaud García-Fons.  What an incredible Musician! García-Fons is a double bass player.  He began playing the double bass at the age of 16 .  He described it as an instrument with universally oriented  musical calling,  not… View more