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Several years ago, my daughter, Morwenna Lasko, a professional violinist, asked me to design a special blanket to protect her violin when it sat in its case. Drawing on my thirty years of experience as a fiber artist and custom seamstress, I found inspiration for this new project, from the multitude of beautiful textiles in my stash. I selected the most exquisite pieces of velvet and silk and began to construct violin blankets.

Each blanket is one of a kind but all include a layer of organic cotton batting and exquisite trim for an elegant touch. I strive to make blankets that complement the beauty of your instrument and provide an added level of security in your case. Furthermore, I aim to please a broad spectrum of violinists and violists, with blankets for a variety of case sizes. In recent years, I have even made blankets for accordionists. Custom orders are always welcome.

Jo Ann Lasko
Owner / Artisan